Category: Ninja Blender Recipes

Blenders are the best kitchen helpers for any raw food diet or vegetarian diet enthusiast. Many people have started something what I call healthy eating revolution and the best part about cooking with your blender is that it is so darn easy.

You simple put all the ingredients inside and let your Ninja blender do its magic. When you are done, just take a minute to clean the blender and you can enjoy your meal.

There are thousands of recipes that can be adapted so it will be fast and easy to prepare smoothies, salsas, soups and other great tasting foods.

The recipes on this category should help you to get some ideas. I will share here some of the most popular ones that I have found in various books or online and loved them

As I will dicvover more, I will be adding them here as well, so hopefully you will always get some more delicious and healthy meals.