Ninja 1100 Watt Blender Review

Ninja Kitchen System 1100 Blender

The Ninja kitchen system 1100 mixer offers the user the versatility that they won’t find in some blenders. This is because of its 5 star rated multiple blade system as well as the smart speed technology.

With the combination of this essential features, ninja system 1100 makes your daily jobs of juicing, chopping, mixing, blending, mixing and any jobs you like to do easy.

Whether you need to make soups, frozen drinks, pizza dough, or ice cream, this advanced blender will provide you the best and mouth watering treat for your guests and loved ones.

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

Ninja Kitchen System 1100The Ninja Kitchen 1100 System has many things to offer comes with essential features that every household is looking for.

This can be used either personal or commercial because of its adjustable speed. The triple blade features is what makes this product exceptional.

This makes the shredding, chopping, and mixing more efficient.

Compared to other brands of blenders that has only one blade in the bottom, the Ninja pulse triple blade has the capability to cut food efficiently and fast.

You will also obtain a good quality chop. A one blade blender in the bottom can produce a much more than a uniform cut. On the other hand the Ninja pulse blender doesn’t have this concern.

Ninja Blender 1100 Watt Review – How Good This Blender Is Really?

The Ninja kitchen system is an expert blending as well as dough making scheme with original ninja blade technology as well as current feedback handle for best performance.

It comes with a 72 ounce square pitcher that features a lock in lid together with pour spout. Powered by 1100 watts, this machine is also easy to clean with three speed and pulse.

Features That Will Never Fail Your Food Preparation Needs:

The Ninja 1100 juicer provides best result every time you do your job. One feature that is not present in other brands available on the market is that this machine really adjust the speed of the motor automatically depend on the consistency of the ingredients.

It comes with additional large pitcher, best for making mouth watering treats for the large family or for friends. All the controls and keys are easy to use compared to usual blender.

Other notable features fitted in the Ninja blender 1100 are:

  • 5 stars rated multiple blade system
  • Controls are easy to operate and use as well
  • Very versatile
  • Smart speed technology
  • Capable to adjust the speed of the motor automatically depending on the ingredients’ consistency
  • 72 ounce super large pitcher
  • 40 ounce processing bowl
  • 5 attachments included


Because the Ninja 1100 series pulse blender is integrated with essential features that offers many benefits such as:

  • The small size makes the Ninja Pulse blender fit efficiently under not high cabinets;
  • It comes with 40 ounces main vessels and an amount of once serve blending cups;
  • Can be obtained at a very reasonable price;
  • BPA-free, meaning safe to use;
  • High durability
  • Easy to use
  • Silent
  • Ultimate versatility
  • Outstanding and exceptional customer service;
  • Easy to wash


The ninja kitchen 1100 system is expensive, costing about $160, which is consider by many as one of the drawback.

Aside from this, the Ninja 1100 can utilized as a juicer as it doesn’t get much juice from vegetables.

On the other hand, this blender has the capability to crush, knead dough, blend as well as chop almost the whole thing you want. You can take away your food processor and depend only on this product instead.

Free up kitchen counter space and create more homemade meals with this blender. The more number of blades allows you handle any task with comfort and ease.

The powerful adjustable motor can also handle the hardest kitchen task with ease and versatility. The multipurpose nature of this machine makes this product common.

Ninja 1100 Blender Reviews and Scores

In customer review regarding the Ninja kitchen 1100 system pulse blender, many customers found out that this blender is really powerful compared to other blender available on the market.

In Amazon review, this ninja pulse gets high score and positive, as a matter of fact this machine receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. Out of 70 customers 59 of them rated the product with 5 stars, 10 gave 4 stars and the rest is 3 stars.

This shows that the Ninja kitchen 1100 series blender is valuable and meet all the requirements needed by the clients.

Conclusion – This Product Is The Best Option If You Are Looking For Quality!

What makes a good blender better than other model? How you select the kind of blender to buy among the many model available on the market today?

There are a lot of factor that can affect your option, which include efficiency, durability, and of course the price. And for those who are looking for a blender that possess all this characteristics then you should take into your consideration the ninja blender 1100.

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