Top 10 Commercial Smoothie Blenders

Top 10 Commercial Smoothie Blenders for Amazingly Delicious Smoothies
That Just Taste Great!

Welcome to our review article about the best commercial smoothie blenders.

We have researched and compared 25 best blenders and picked the ones that have met out strict criteria. This list will tell you more about the ones that you should consider if you are looking to get a commercial smoothie blender.

We will show you what we liked and disliked about each blender. The rankings are ranked based on the quality, price and how many reviews we have found online.

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Without any delays, let’s see how each of these smoothie blenders are ranking in our top 10 list.



Cleanblend Commercial Blender

This is very good commercial blender with over 944 five-star ratings from actual users. It has 64 oz BPA FREE containers, so you can be assured that everything you will prepare with this blender will be safe to your health.

No wonders Cleanblend company says that clean eating starts with your appliances.

What we liked about Cleanblend commercial blender is that it has it has 8 stainless steel blades that can chop, pulverize and liquefies everything you put inside. 

And believe us, the 1800 Watt engine will have enough power to crush ice in no time, which is perfect for making the delicious smoothie you are looking for.

cleanblend commercial smoothie blender

But, this is not just a smoothie blender.

Cleanblend commercial blender can replace 9 of your kitchen appliances.

You will be able to crush, chop, grind, blend, heat, liquify, puree or process all kinds of foods. 

That way, you can make really large servings of various sauce, dips, ice blended coffee, smoothies or even nice margaritas. And because the container is really large, you will not have problems making delicious soups for the whole family.

The only thing we have found odd is that there was one review that claimed this blender new container leaked and the blender could not be used.  We hope that this was just an occasional problem, but in any case when you buy it from Amazon, you are also protected by their money-back guarantee.

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Homgeek Professional Blender

This smothie blender has a little smaller engine with only 1450W, but it still is one great blender for making smoothies and much more. What we liked about this bad boy is that cost less than $100 dollars, which is probably the most affordable (we don’t want to use the word cheap here) commercial blender you can find online.

It has adjustable 8 speed and 4 presets program so you will quite easily prepare many great home-cooked meals. You can make frozen deserts, nut butters, soups and of course smoothies!

This blender has heavy-duty three layer stainless steel blades that will handle even the toughest ingredients. 

You can be sure that your meals will be healthy, because again all the materials that are in contact with your food during the blending is BPA FREE.

homgeek commercial smoothie blender

Also this blender can self-clean itself in less than 60 seconds, saving you more time making tasty foods or frozen smoothies.  

And if you lack the food preparation creativity with this blender, don’t worry, it comes with a 50-Recipe Book. With these recipes, you will make this blender work for sure! The only thing you will have to do is to enjoy the finished meals.

The Homgeek Professional Blender comes in various types, so be sure to chack out the Amazon page with all models compared.

Also the ratings for Homegeek are really great, especially when we consider how cheap this commercial smoothie blender is.

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JAWZ High Performance Blender

This high-grade commercial blender is very promissing eventhough it has only eightythree 4.5 star ratings.

With his intuitive 10 speed dial control and 64oz container it is slowly asking for attention. And with a cool name it has, we would not be surpriced that this blender will rank high in the Amazon best-seller charts.

If you are into a healthy lifestyle and want great commercial smoothie blender without breaking the bank, you will certainly love the JAWZ high performance blender. With it, you will be able to prepare realy healthy meals for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The container is made from durable tritan and stainless steel blades are designed for extra strong ice crushing capabilities. (Hence the name JAWZ)…

jawz commercial smoothie blender

Because of its versatility it can replace many kitchen appliances, so not only you can use its JAWZ to make nice smoothies, but you will be able to handle fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, turn grains into flour and turn nuts into tasty nut milk.

What is very impressive are the JAWZ blender reviews from people who used other smoothie blenders and switched to this one.  That makes us confident that this power blender is the real deal and competition should be really scared of this heavy-duty blender.

Many people are saying that Jawz is finally a blender with the real power and need to blend!

You can check out these reviews and see the latest price, by clicking the link below:


Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender

If you are living healthy lifestyle and want to have nice smoothie in the morning without waking up the whole house, the Vitamix 63019 Quiet One will be the perfect option for you.

The manufacturer claims that this blender produces less noise than any typical commercial blender. It is thanks to a plastic sound lid and technology that minimizes vibration to very low levels.

With its 6 programs, 34 optimized programs and 93 variable speeds, you can be sure that this is a whole new category of blenders. You will be able to make frappes, frozen drinks, nut butters, sauces, smoothing and bunch of other things.

There are only two huge downsides.

Vitamix 63019 Quiet One Commercial Blender

One is that this blender is recommended only for a restaurants, bars, cafes, smoothie type of businesses and not for home use.

That is perfect if you own this type of business and want to have a quality noise free blender at your workplace.

But the problem here is that the manufacturer says that a warranty is valid only for the commercial use and if you use this blender at home and something happens, your warranty will be forfeited. Which is something you really need to think about.

Now, the second problem is the price.

This is one of the most expensive commercial smoothie blenders on the market and I am so surpriced they will not grant you a warranty if used at non-commercial settings.

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Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH550 The Fury Blender

One is that this blender is recommended only for a restaurants, bars, cafes, smoothie type of businesses and not for home use.

Hamilton Beach Commercial HBH550 The Fury Blender

That is perfect if you own this type of business and want to have a quality noise free blender at your workplace.Let’s start that we really like the 3 HP motor called Fury. This is really something that this commercial blender deserves. With the sheer power of this motor, you will be able to blend anything and that is why this blender is best used in restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Hamilton Beach Fury has introduced a new wave action technology that keeps  all the ingredients you put inside spinning through the stainless steel blades to make sure that every piece of the food will be completey smooth. For now, many blenders just spin the ingredients around, making Fury the first blender that is using this new patented wave-action system.

Another great thing is that this commercial blender has automatic switch off timer.

Which is great when user needs to do other preparation tasks. The blender can be programed to shutoff when done blending, while the user is doing other things and does not have the time to manually turn off this blender.

When you buy this blender, you get a 3-year labor part warranty, which is pretty neat.

Overall the Hamilton Beach commercial blender Fury looks like very promissing blender, but with a few reviews online, we have ranked it on this number 6 spot.

We will see how this blender ranks in the future. If you want to check out all the reviews and would like to see the latest price, just click the button below:


Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

All the Vitamix blenders are build to last. With the aircraft-grade, hardened stainless steel blades this blender will handle many tough ingredients with amazing results.

This commercial smoothie blender has 5 program-settings and variable speed controls, you will be able to create any smoothie recipe, desserts, soups, puree or frozen desserts.

Also the blender features easy cleaning and walk-away conveience, so you can do other things while this machine is doing its job.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

When you buy this Vitamix Profesisonal Series 750 blender, you will get getting started guide, cookbook with delicious recipes, dvd, low-profile tamper, motor base and 64 oz container.

Yes, there might be blenders with much more horsepower than this one, but according to the latest reviews, this blender has it all you would ever need to make smoothies, juices, flour, dough, nut butters, hot soups, dressings, frozen deserts, non-dairy milks and much more.

And besides, Vitamix blender is manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

Overall we believe that Vitamix Profesisonal Series 750 blender is well wort the price and it will save you more money in the long run.

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Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Another great commercial smoothie blender by Vitamix.

This model is called E310 Explorian and as the name suggest, you can explore more possibilities to create amazin smoothies and other meals.

The size of 48 oz. container is somewhat on a smaller size, but if you don’t have large family and prefer to create small family meals or don’t have much space in your kitchen, this blender will be perfect for you. It can fit under most kitchen cabinets quite easily.

As with any Vitamix blender, even this one has high-performance motor that can blend together frozen fruits, green vegetables, powders and much more.

Also their powerful stainless steel blades are made to last and are resistant to bending or getting dull.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

And that is why you can make really tasty hot soups, frozen sorbet or ice creams in couple seconds or minutes.

And if you love to make nut milks or grind coffee and have the best cup of fresh coffee in the morning, this Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is for you.

What we liked about this heavy-duty blender is that it is really very easy to clean.

You just add warm water with a drop of dish soup and let this mixer to clean itself in less than 60 seconds.

If you are thinking about buying really quality smoothie blender, this one will not disappoint you. Click the button below to check out the latest price and reviews:


Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

This is top notch blender that is for many users a game changer for a healthy lifestyle. When you get cheaper blenders, you will get mediocre results, but this Blendtec Professional 800 Blender will leave other blenders way behind.

When you get this blender to make a smoothie, you just push a button and voila! Your smoothie will be ready.

What many customers love about this smoothie maker is that is pretty quiet and it is great and cheaper alternative to the Vitamix model “The Quiet One”, we have reviewed before.

What is kinda weird, but looks like it works is that this blender has a dull blades that are made from cold-forged hardened steel, which the manufacturer claims are  up to 10xstronger than ordinary blades. And because the blades are dull, you can touch them without hurting yourself.

Blendtec Professional 800 Blender

So if you have kids that love to make their own smoothie or ice-cream, this should be pretty much the blender you should buy.

And again, if you hate the sound that many blenders make and want to have a quiet time while preparing your meals, you will appreciate the sound enclosure that will operate at much lower volumes and you can still have a nice conversation with your loved ones or friends.

Blendtec made a great job by creating this awesome power mixer that can help you to make ice creams, dough, hot soups, coctails and other stuff you might enjoy to eat or drink afterwards.

If you are unsure of if this blender is the right one for you yet, check out the other reviews and the best price by clicking the button below:


Vitamix 7500 Blender

This is our most favorite Vitamix blender, because it has a pretty large container of 64 oz., that will make pretty large amounts of your favorite meals, yet it will fit comfortably under most kitchen cabinets, so it won’t take too much space on your counter.

It has all the standard features like hardened stainless steel blades that will cut through any chunk of ice, frozen fruits, vegetables and nuts.

So you will be able to make nice smooth purees, chinky salsas, delicious smoothies and healthy vegetable soups. It is up to your imagination what you will use this Vitamix 7500 blender for.

And when you are done using it, it only requires drop of dish soap and warm water and within 30-60 seconds, it will be clean like new and ready for the next use.

What we really likeabout all Vitamix blenders is that fact that is build in the USA and that is why the quality is high. Of course, that is shown on its price, but again, you will save much more time and money in the long run.

This blender is really build to last!

Vitamix 7500 Blender

Also we love that every Vitamix blender come with a specially designed tamper that will help you to process even some stubborn or thick blends without turning off the mixer. And the container is designed to create their patented Vitamix vortex that will make sure your blending will always be as smooth as possible.

So this Vitamix 7500 is much more than just a commercial smoothie blender. It will help you to transform your meals into delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch or dinners.

And if you prefer to snack, I am sure you will figure out how to overcome that need with this Vitamix blender. With that being said, you will simply never be bored when making any recipes with this mixer.

And if you are a fresh mom, you will really appreciate to prepare healthy baby foods with it, so your baby will always have all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

You can compare various models, check out the customer reviews and the latest price by clicking the button below:


Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

And the winner of this Top 10 Commercial Smoothie Blenders is BlendTech Total Classic Original blender.

Not only has this over 1500 five-stars ratings from real customers, this blender is trusted by many restaurants chains like Panera Bread or coffee houses like Dunkin’ Donuts (our favorite coffee place) or smothie shops like Baskin Robins, Planet Smoothie, Jamba Juice and others.

The great plus is also the fact that this mixer is made in Utah, USA and similar to Vitamix company, this is a guarantee of a fine, domestically manufactured product.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

With powerful motor, you can be sure that this BlendTech mixer will set the standard for superior quality. Their patented jar designs is made to pull all the ingredients inside towards the blade, which will be seen on the quality of every meal you will prepare in this amazing blender.

With this powerful mixer you can just press any of the preprogrammed actions and use 10 variable speeds to get the job done.

Pulse option is not missing of course.

So are you ready to make:

  • Smoothies
  • Salsas
  • Hot Soups
  • Pancake Batter
  • And much more…???

You will be making anything you want and start living the healthier lifestyle today!

If you have seen the best blender commercial videos – “Will It Blend?” 

Then you aggree that the mixer is really impressive. And when we look at the price, it really is well worth every penny.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender PROS and CONS:

Check out what we loved about this commercial smoothie blender and what we think it could have been better...
  • Powerful engine that will take on any challenge!
  • It really does blend everything!
  • Quality of the jar is simply top-notch.
  • The preset modes handle your desired blend mode (try the soup mode, you will be amazed)
  • Louder than normal.. (it all depends on what you have experienced before)
  • There is no TAMPER included inside the package.
  • No RECIPE Book...

And of course, there is no blender that is just perfect and yes, even this mixer is our No. 1 choice it still has something we did not like.

First thing is that this blender is a bit noisy compared to other blenders on this list, but it might be just because its blending power and if you have ever used a mixer, it is not as bad as it might sound. It all depends on what noise levels are you able to tolerate.

The second thing that is quite surprising for such quality of a blender is the fact that there is no tamper included with it. I don’t know about you, but tamper can be useful sometimes. But if you don’t mind turning the mixer off if you need, then it is not such a big deal.

And last thing, be aware that there is no recipe book in the package. So you will need to find your own smootie recipes on the internet or you can find a nice blender recipe books online.

If BlendTech will improve on those 3 things, we believe it will be the best blender ever build.

So yes, this would be out top choice between these top 10 commercial smoothie blenders and rightfully so!

Overall we believe that this is one of the best commercial smoothie blenders that we have reviewed.

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We hope you did like our commercial smoothie blender comparison / ranking and hopefully this article will help you to decide which one you would like to buy.

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Now it is time for you to make that perfect smoothie! And if you did not like any of these commercial smoothie blenders, you can check out the best Ninja Blenders we have on this page.